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2022 Elections

AAMove invited candidates from both political parties to respond to a questionnaire. Our aims were to 1) inform candidates of our priorities and 2) to understand their platforms. Topics included Asian American engagement, immigrant rights, and language access. Asian American voters also prioritized issues such as environmental protections, public transportation, and affordable housing are important for Asian American voters. For example, more than 70% of Asian American voters identify as environmentalists–so we asked how candidates would ensure Maryland’s capacity to respond to environmental challenges. We also asked candidates how they’d reduce the number of housing insecure families in our state, since that includes low-income Asian Americans families.

By mid-May, we received responses from six Democrats: Baron, Franchot, Gansler, King, Perez, and Jain. We are encouraged by these responses. By engaging with this survey, they better understood the issues our communities care about and that they recognize we represent a significant set of Maryland voters. There were common themes in the responses, but there were also important nuances between the candidates. We hope our compilation of responses will be helpful to our fellow voters, whether Asian American or not. 

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